The University of Kansas licenses Kaltura, a video streaming solution, so that KU Faculty, Students, and Staff can create and deliver multimedia content.  KU’s learning management system (Blackboard) integrates with Kaltura.  Also available, is MediaHub, where KU users have a private YouTube-like repository to post and share video content.

Contact Info

Budig Hall, Room 10


MPS Hours
Open weekdays, 8am - 5pm

IT Support After Hours:
KU IT Customer Service Center:
itcsc@ku.edu | 785-864-8080

Login to MediaHubHow to access your MediaHub
account to start uploading and
managing your video content

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Upload Media Files to MediaHubHow to upload your video content
from your computer, to your
MediaHub account.

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Share Media Files from MediaHub

How to deliver your uploaded
content to your viewers, using
MediaHub's Share tab.

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Kaltura Uploads (Share Audio and Video Files)

Kaltura Express Capture (Webcam Recordings)

  • Create a webcam recording 
  • Good for brief updates using your webcam, like weekly announcements and check-ins.
  • Used often for student recording of speeches, assignment content and demonstrations.
  • Can be accessed from text editor, so instructors could use for video feedback on assignments.

Kaltura Capture (Record Presentation from Your Computer)

  • Create a PowerPoint or Screen Capture recording (step-by-step instructions | video)
  • Annotation tools built-in to recording application.
  • Presentation content or website walkthroughs - anything you can display onscreen.
  • Kaltura Capture can be used by students, as well as Faculty, in MediaHub.  Then share with instructor in Blackboard assignment.

Additional Kaltura Features and Information

  • Kaltura's Video Editor:  edit your video online, after recording and/or uploading. (video)
  • Captioning in Kaltura:  all videos in Kaltura are have machine-generated captions automatically added.  Those captions will include errors, and are not considered accessible until you edit them for accuracy.  You can edit your captions with an online captions interface. (details)
  • Video Creation Strategies with Network Challenges in Mind:  With our cloud solutions seeing unprecedented network and system traffic, here are some best practices for recording and sharing video content during  the COVID-19 situation.  (details)