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Media Production Studio offers the following services to meet your needs.

other services

Our full-time staff are available to support Faculty with multimedia course assignments.  We can make a classroom visit to introduce students to studio equipment and software resources they might use to complete an assignment or introduce strategies and best practices for telling a multimedia story.  Or create customized post-production software training for your student content creators.

MPS staff believes that production literacy – the ability to tell a story creatively and persuasively in multiple media formats and styles – is a valuable, even essential, skill for both undergraduate and graduate students.

KU Faculty can contact us by email at or call 785-864-6452 to discuss ways we might best assist your course.

KU IT provides Lecture Capture service via Echo360. This service enables faculty to schedule automatic recordings of lectures or presentations or create ad hoc captures. This provides students with a powerful tool that can be used for review, to supplement materials covered in class, or to provide instruction that is entirely web-based. The captured recordings can be viewed via a web browser and/or can be downloaded to a computer or mobile device.

For more information about Lecture Capture, please visit Lecture Capture (via Echo360) » or contact MPS at or 785-864-6452.

KU's Digital Signage solution provides a single campuswide system to support the informational, promotional, branding and emergency broadcast needs of the University overall, as well as individual schools and departments. 

Schools and departments can engage students, visitors, faculty and staff with dynamic, multimedia content displayed on flat-screens in building lobbies, offices and other common areas. In addition to reaching audiences within their own building spaces, participants in Digital Signage can submit content for distribution on monitors across campus.

For more detailed information about Digital Signage, please visit KU's Digital Signage page and KU's Policy on Digital Signage.

The Media Production Studio works closely with campus partners to assist with making video content accessible.  All MPS-produced event and project content is fully captioned.  And MPS staff can work with Faculty and Staff to caption (or develop a workflow to caption) their instructional and departmental content.

Kaltura, KU's video streaming solution, has a convenient workflow (with machine-created captions), so that you can produce and edit your media to meet accessibility standards.  If you have questions about how to ensure that your content is accessible, please contact us.