Adding and Editing Captions in Mediahub

Kaltura REACH is the Kaltura service for providing machine-generated Captions in environments like KU's Mediahub and Blackboard. Captions are automatically created for all Kaltura uploads, and attched to your uploaded video within 30 minutes. Caption Files are then seamlessly integrated into your video playback.

Captions can be (and should be) improved and corrected for accuracy with the convenient editor right in MediaHub. Machine captions typically run anywhere from 90-95% accurate, but many of the mistakes are not only contradictory and distracting for your video's message, but that accuracy doesn't meet accessibility standards.

Editing the Captions of a Kaltura Video

  1. Login to MediaHub with your KU Online ID and select the media with captions you'd like to edit.
  2. Select Captions Requests from the ACTIONS drop-down menu.
  3. Under Caption Requests, click on the pencil icon (Edit) to edit the  Machine captions.

    The captions request status box
  4. The Closed Captions Editor will appear.

    The closed captions editor
  5. Click in the text box of each caption to edit text. Click in the timestamp box to changes the start/stop time of each caption (overlapping times will be highlighted in yellow).  Use Search in Captions and Replace with for multiple edits of the same word or phrase.  Add Speaker will provide a Speaker ID - Ex: [John Doe] speaking text - for each caption selected and applied.
  6. When finished editing, click SAVE to save.  Or REVERT to lose changes and revert back to Machine-generated captions.