Use the Media Gallery to Share Audio and Video Content

Each Blackboard Course also has a Media Gallery. If you prefer, you could place all your course's audio and video content in this one location and direct students to the Media Gallery.

This is also where you can have students upload multimedia content/assignments which are visible to the instructor view. You can control whether other students can view the content in the Media Gallery.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you want student submissions to be private (only instructors can access), you must change the Gallery settings. By default, all submissions can be viewed by anyone enrolled in the course.

  1. Go to Course Tools --> Media Gallery
  2. Click on the Actions button on the right, and select Edit.
  3. Click on the Moderate content checkbox.
  1. Go to Course Tools --> Media Gallery
  2. Click on the blue Add Media button at the top right.
    1. If you have previously uploaded the content you'd like to share to MediaHub/Kaltura (in another course, or in a content area in this course), find the file in your My Media listing and select the checkbox next to it. Then click on the +Publish button to "publish" it to the Media Gallery.
    2. If this is a new upload, click Add New --> Media Upload at the top. Click the Choose a File to Upload button and select the video file from your computer. Click Open. Your video will begin uploading. (You must remain on this page until the upload is complete.) Edit the TitleDescription and/or Tags. (Tip: Use a unique title or tag.) Click Save. Click Go To Media Gallery.

Students can use these same steps above to submit audio/video content/assignments to instructors. Below are the steps for instructors to moderate student-submitted content.

  1. Go to Course Tools --> Media Gallery.
  2. Click on Browse Pending. This tab will only appear if there are pending (student) uploads waiting for approval to be published to the Media Gallery.
    1. You will see the list of uploaded media. To view, click on the title of each video. If you'd like to have the video remain private (only you and student can see their upload), you can view here. You can also Comment on the video - only the student who uploaded and course instructors will see the video and comment.
    2. If you'd like to share the student upload with the Media Gallery (all enrolled course participants can view), click on the Approve button.
    3. Instructors can also Reject student uploaded content - rejected content will not be deleted from the student's My Media, but will not display in the course's Media Gallery.

For convenience, most instructors who use the Media Gallery prefer to place a button in their course menu which will send students directly to the Media Gallery.

  1. Hover over the + sign above your Course Menu.
  2. Select Tool Link.
  3. Give your new menu button a name ("Media Gallery," "Course Videos," etc.)
  4. From the Type drop-down, select Media Gallery.
  5. Click the Available to Users if you'd like students to be able to see the new button.
  6. Click Submit
  7. If you'd like to change the order of the course menu buttons, hover over them and click and drag (up and down) using the up/down arrow keys on the left of the button.

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